Security Team

Sharing your network resources with your employees and partners has never been more secure

Extend your secure perimeter to the endpoint

Quantum-safe security from network to the endpoint.


SEdesk extends your network security to the endpoint reducing the surface of attack. Put your mind at rest, your company data are constantly protected by advanced mechanisms and protocols resilient to post-quantum cryptography.


Future-proof security with zero overhead for enhanced IT network performance

Identification and authentication
  1. User, Device and Service Identification
  2. Fine grained access control policies based on Zero Trust approach
  3. Multi Factor Authentication
Holistic security
  1. Military-grade protection of data at rest and data in motion
  2. POSIX-compliant Secure File System
  3. Link security independent of transport channel
Post-Quantum Criptography
  1. Crypto Agility
  2. PKI Independent
  3. Focus on Symmetrical Cryptography
  4. Aligned with NIST Standardisation process
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