IT Team

IT and security teams are yet freed from manual and time consuming network and endpoint configurations

Setup time from days to hours

Empowering control over your network eco-system in the era of Cloud and BYOD.


SEdesk drastically drops your virtualised workspace setup time from days to hours with no intervention on the endpoint. With SEdesk daily IT tickets like forgotten passwords, lost VPN connections and access to remote applications are no longer a pain.


Visibility and control of network workloads and endpoint remote access

Friction-Less integration
  1. Fast deployment
  2. Application source independent
  3. One port, any service
  4. Supporting multiple identity providers
Hassle-free migration
  1. Self-hosted, Hybrid and Cloud Native
  2. As simple as changing an IP address
  3. Zero impact on the endpoint
Business continuity
  1. Hot redundancy strategy
  2. Low deployment complexity
  3. Scalability and recovery without service interruption
Central mangement & Audit
  1. Push deployment and updates
  2. Context-aware policies
  3. Integrated business analytics
  4. Reduced endpoint maintenance
  5. No specialised workforce required
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