Your workforce immediately operational and focused on getting their work done

Your Workforce operational from Day One

True desktop User Interface for improved experience and increased productivity.


Users are provided with a personalised and ready to work environment, where access to Cloud and self-hosted applications is done with Single Sign On from anywhere and on any device. Regardless of OS, device and deployment, adoption is straightforward with a shallow, short learning curve.


Browser-less user experience for increased usability and workforce productivity

True desktop user experience
  1. 1-click icons for applications and files
  2. Browser-less
  3. Application active windows
  4. Custom appearance and widgets
One-stop workspace
  1. Single gateway to Legacy, SaaS and web applications, all displayed together
  2. Ready for integration with main cloud storage providers
  3. Single-sign-on (SSO) to all your services
Task-focused environment
  1. Immediate use, zero configuration on the endpoint
  2. Shallow short learning curve
  3. Free from visual and functional distractions typical of browsers
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