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SEdesk is a secure digital workspace.
A browser-less isolated environment rendering applications
for secure access, easy delivery and deployment of services


Reimagine your digital workplace and business eco-system

The workplace has become a competitive differentiator for businesses to retain their workforce and the pivot of digital transformation strategies. With SEdesk we close the digital dexterity gap. We take you through an end-to-end transformation journey of your workplace and enduser engagement for an easy deployment and cost reduction of your company digital resources.


Access your company services from any device, anywhere. We deliver a seamless, personalised digital workspace for easy and fast access to company data


Reduce network complexity and lengthy manual ad-hoc setups both for the IT team and the enduser. Simplicity of scaling and ease of deployment


Protect your network and endpoints with quantum-safe technology. Crypto agile architecture for future-proof protection of your network and data

remote working

Make Work From Home a reality for your business

At a time when businesses are striving for sharper services, faster deployment, lower costs and higher employees motivation, SEdesk facilitates the implementation of Work From Home and Bring Your Own Device strategies. Delivering an isolated, ready to work environment, your workforce and eco-system can use any device, company or personal, for work. Fast and easy access to web and hosted apps protected by seamless security reducing user liability.

optimise your IT costs

Optimise your IT costs and reduce network complexity

Nowadays, organisations tend to have far too many IT tools in place overlooking duplicated features and integration. SEdesk adopts a different approach. By reducing the surface of attack, many of those layers become superfluous. Even more, with SEdesk you can finally switch to thin clients and project your organisation into the future of zero PC. In the short run this means only one thing, a consistent reduction in CAPEX expenditures.

regain control

Regain control over your network eco-system

Relying on third-party for products, systems and services, oftentimes using a Cloud IT model, makes security officers lack visibility into eco-system security processes and lose control over their network and data. With SEdesk zero trust approach, fine-grained access policies allow the monitoring of third parties activities, still ensuring a balance between protection and the need to run the business. You are in control of your network and data security at all times.

Case Studies

Trusted by Businesses

  • SEdesk for Dashboard


    Bridging Multi Vendor Dashboards - Analytics & Monitoring

  • Banking and Finance

    Securing your receivables in the Credit Management Space

  • Cyber Security

    The importance of connected data in Threat Intelligence

  • Defence & Law Enforcement

    Secure Command & Control for non-lethal weapon installations

  • Critical Infrastructures

    Harnessing Data Analytics in Power plants while addressing Security concerns

  • Banking and Finance

    Kiosk industry catching up with changing security challenges and landscapes

    Extend your digital resilience to the home and the connected workforce with peace of mind

    Supporting IT teams overcome bandwidth issues in the deployment of remote working. By delivering a zero overhead technology we provide a ready to work environment for an engaging user experience and increased productivity.

    Why SEdesk
    What people say

    Customer Stories

    • Baek Sang Woon Ongyeol
      Baek Sang Woon

      Ongyeol, South Korea

      In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber security will be emphasized worldwide to effectively respond to the accelerated digitalization and the consequent increase in cyber threats. SEdesk accelerates the transition towards a remote working, and offers a powerful suite of functions that every worker with security notion must have.

    • Siau Guan Wah

      Tekmark, Malaysia

      SEdesk network architecture is simple, shortens integration efforts and minimises misconfiguration risks of various sub-systems. Fast deployment time, frictionless integration, lower project management costs define the perfect Business model that we much value.

    • Kelvin Khong

      Tekmark, Malaysia

      SEdesk provides easy and secure access to Tekmark’s integrated 5G Network Performance Dashboards and Big Data Analytics Tools through an isolated digital workspace.  Greatly reduces surface of cyber attacks on end points and network elements.

    • Giorgio Mottironi

      Creopay, Italy

      Security is everything, it’s part of our life journey, and we know it since birth. By integrating SEdesk in our credit management platform, our intention is not only to make it more efficient and customer centric but above all protect payments and financial data to keep the customer journey, safe and sound.

    • Alberto Di Vittorio

      S.T.E Energy, Italy

      Thanks to its hardware-based security, SEdesk is the perfect solution to make our STE Guardian platform compliant with the stringent cyber-security criteria, avoiding any IT work for client-server communication.

    • Alberto Pelliccione

      Reaqta, The Netherlands

      Being in the cybersecurity industry, some of our customers were looking for an added secured access to our dashboard. We are glad to integrate SEdesk into our product offering to give better protection for our customers. The solution is easy to use (plug & click) and convenient.

    • Karen Sundermann VP Government Sector WW
      Karen Sundermann

      EclecticIQ, The Netherlands

      SEdesk provides easy and secure access to our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform through an isolated digital workspace.

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